Digiteen™ co-founders Vicki Davis and Julie LIndsay and Pennsylvania Public School teacher, Suzie Nestico, have been featured on the Microsoft Internet Safety website for their work with the Digiteen™ projects.

"We're excited about sharing the story of Digiteen and having students research the facts about Internet safety and take action to educate their peers about how to be safer on-line," says Davis. "They are largely responsible for their own Internet culture and this helps them get the facts in a way that promotes change in their on-line habits."

These brochures can be downloaded from Microsoft's Internet safety website or below:
We have many classrooms around the world busily collaborating and creating their final multimedia piece to submit for judging.  The deadline for submission of multimedia for the internal judging processes as well as the global competition organised by Don Tapscott is May 10.

There are two types of awards for this project: Video Challenge Awards and NetGenEd Awards. The Video Challenge awards are given by Don Tapscott's office and are not related to the rubric that we have created for the NetGenEd project. The NetGenEd project awards are based upon our grading rubric for the project. Just because a student receives an award for the NetGenEd project does not mean they have won a Video Challenge Award and vice versa.

If you are still able to judge for us starting May 11 for about one week we now ask that you do the following:
  1. Read material on the judges wiki at http://netgened2010.flatclassroomproject.org/Judges 
  2. Follow these instructions:
How do I sign up to judge?
  1. Click "Join this Space" in the top left corner of this page.
  2. As you put in your information, make sure that you complete the comment box with your name, location, and the topic that you would like to join. (This will send us your e-mail address and all information submitted is private.)
  3. Wait for approval - you will receive an e-mail noting your approval.
  4. If you are already a member of this wiki, continue with the following points.
  5. Join the NetGenEd Judges Group on the Ning to get announcements and updates.
  6. Return to this page.
  7. Add your information to the topic of your choice below (first to wiki it gets it! include a hyperlink to your bio). You may add your name more than once.
  8. Be available to review/judge videos from May 11 for about one week. (Will take 1-2  hours at most.)
IN ADDITION: There will be a Judges meeting held in the first week of May. Watch out for an online meeting invitation and respond with your availability.