[ Recently, students in the current projects were asked to view the keynote by Alan Levine and react to it. The keynote is available for viewing at  http://fcp12-1.flatclassroomproject.org/Keynote  This is written by a young man in Korea. ]
I believe that biggest change that has been brought to me as a human being through this digital revolution, was introduction of ambiguity of my space. Before I began to carry my own personal computer, or any communicative gadgets (cellphones regardless of its being smart), everything was manual and analog. Handiworks were valued the most, personally and by the society. Soon, it really lost its shine as people began to realize, "hey, we can actually use gadgets than papers!"

The whole spark of using devices did not change our social life. However, it broadened our social life range, as our range has just become global. With one bar of wireless internet, we can talk with someone else around the globe. We truly became un-alone. At anytime, unless one is in a cave without connection, s/he can connect to any other person around the world.

This, however, had negative impacts on our social lives as well. As the social interaction broadened, people began to lose grip on intensity of our relations. The more friends we have, less emotions involved. We chat, but we never say a word. Physical efforts of moving mouths has deteriorated.

Talk with the hand literally became talking with hands. Hence, we never get to meet each other in online space though we have video, audio chat.

It really is a big problem as we began to not realize and appreciate physical discussions. Though I like all of these technological leaps and breakthroughs, it is important to appreciate our old, traditional way of interacting.