Press Release August 29, 2010:
Flat Classroom(tm) Directors, Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis, are excited to announce the new project subscription model for Flat Classroom(tm) Project, Digiteen(tm) Project, NetGenEd Project and Eracism(tm) Project.

Our goal: To create and maintain best global collaborative projects and collaborative work spaces for students and educators in and serving K-12 around the world while building bridges between Students, Educators, trainee teachers and Post Secondary Education Institutions. We know there are many educators wanting to take on global projects but may not have the confidence with technology or in project design or access to resources. Through our subscription we will provide this support and access to quality Web 2.0 resources as well as to other educators who are experienced global collaborators.

Flat Classroom(tm) Project
An annual school subscription will provide for 15 students to be entered into a project. Any students above this, or if the school or class wish to enter another project, a per-student fee is applicable. The Ning site may be used for other class activities during the year and includes the ability to upload video.
In addition we are introducing “Sweat Equity” for teachers. This means that some scholarships will be available to cover per student fees on an application basis. This allows teachers to provide administrative support for the project such as RSS monitoring of the project portal, serve on the project leadership committee, provide troubleshooting response, and other activities that will defray the administrative overhead costs of running the project. This is over and above the monitoring that teachers are required to do of their own student work for each project.
Included services and websites (leading Web 2.0 tools)
(If you had to buy these tools for your school it would cost over $4500)
In addition you will have access to valuable resources including:
  • Flat Classroom Awards Program (multimedia awards with global ‘judging’ culminating in a Awards Ceremony online)
  • Teacher Training Meetings (held weekly throughout the project)
  • Project Help Wiki Resources
  • Live Trouble Ticket System
  • Teacher Group - Google Group – for ongoing mentoring
  • Mentorship with Leading Global Collaborative Teachers who are actually DOING IT!
  • Recognition for School Completion on the Official Flat Classroom Website –
  • Press Release for project to distribute to local media
  • Schools successfully completing the project will receive a recognition certificate for framing.
  • Linking with classrooms around the world
 Other developments:
  • Flat Classroom(tm) Certified Teacher Pilot Program: We will take applications until September 15 for past and current teachers of the Flat Classroom(tm) Project. More information available from a link to the application form.
  • Flat Classroom Starter Kits (movies, tutorials, rubrics, and student handouts and DVD) – available for purchase September, 2010.
Download the Subscription Information for the Flat Classroom(tm) Project

Questions? We love to hear from interested participants and classrooms globally.
Email: [email protected]

We're pleased to announce that Flat Classroom(tm) is a
partner in the upcoming 2010 Global Education Conference, being held online November 15 - 19. This five-day free conference will have participation from all over the world in multiple languages and in multiple time zones. We hope you will consider attending or even presenting!

More detailed information about the conference is available at There are going to be five conference tracks: Teacher, Student, Curricular, Policy and Leadership, and Global Issues. Included in these will be a series of sessions specifically sponsored by us, and if you choose to submit a presentation, please indicate us as the sponsoring
organization. The selection process will finalize in late September, and you'll hear directly from the conference organizers. The call for presentations is now open at

There is also an international educator advisory board from all over the world to help promote participation and attendance, to train and support presenters in local regions and languages, and to help with program selection and scheduling. If this is something that interests you, you can submit your interest at

The hashtag for the conference (for those who "tweet" and blog") is #globaled2010. The Twitter account to follow is