Meta-judge Heather Davis commented on this video, "This video was a joy to listen to and watch. The opening sequence with the young boy was excellent and gave a wonderful punch to beginning of the video. It may have helped to include text on the video of exactly what he was saying as he was so excited his words were a bit difficult to understand. This would help if someone was not an English first language speaker.

Background Music: I did find the music a bit loud and could possibly be turned down a bit. That being said the music choices were excellent. Each piece of music definitely went with the section of the video where it was used. I really liked it when you occasional just stopped the music and you could only here the speaker. It certainly added emphasis to the message. The music set the tone as you moved from point to point.

Voice over - the speaking voice was very good and definitely implied passion for the topic. The change in volume and emphasis was excellent. The script was well written and spoke directly to the message you wanted the viewer to grasp.

I found the video to me very emotional. It grabbed my interest at the very beginning with the young boy and then I was "hooked" and emotionally bought into the topic.

I would just suggest that you slow the credits down a bit so they are easier to read though you listed them all in a clear manner on the Ning

You told an excellent story and you should definitely continue creating in this manner."
This post was written by Sandy Wisneskis 

I just finished judging one step in the  Flat Classroom® Project 2013-1. It is always fascinating to be a part of this project that brings students together globally in a collaborative project using web 2.0 tools. I only viewed a small piece of the puzzle with this project. I know from doing the Digitween project, that there is a lot more that goes into this process. Students need to learn how to digitally connect through handshakes as well as work on a project using the Web 2.0. They also need to take on active roles as researchers, leaders and storytellers. It is one big package that brings together all the "goodies" that you want the student to be able to accomplish...collaboration, critical thinking, digital citizenship, leadership...the list could go on. The project is well-organized with specific timelines, rubrics, and requirements. 

It was an honor to judge this round. The students never cease to amaze me with their perspectives and creativity. I saw a variety of multimedia presentations with similar information but through the eyes of the students. How refreshing! Thank you to each of the students and teachers for their hard work on this project.

Learn about the Flat Classroom® July 24 to July 26, 2013 at the Punahou School Honolulu.  In a  Flat Classroom® project teachers from all over the world join with students to explore the essentials of global project design.  They develop collaboration and leadership skills with real and virtual team members on an action projects that have a global theme. This conference leverages technology to connect, communicate and collaborate to improve the world. Participants should come prepared to engage in exciting and meaningful work of creating global projects to "flatten classrooms!"
More information available at Punahou School Honolulu page

Registration is now open -> Registration

Designed and led by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, authors of the book “Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds”, this is a challenge-based learning conference for educators and students.

Julie Lindsay, co-founder and Director of Flat Classroom, award winning global collaborative projects, and Flat Classroom Conference and Live Events Inc., unique collaborative live events for teachers and students, announces the

 June 20 & 21, 2-day Flat Classroom Workshop 
 Seven Steps to Global Collaboration

Educators who want to transform their learning and embrace global collaboration in their curriculum are invited to join Julie for a unique professional development experience at International School of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas.

Apply Now! Places are limited. This is a rare opportunity to work in the USA with global educator, innovator and leader and one of the co-founders of Flat ClassroomJulie Lindsay(who is based in Australia), in a carefully designed collaborative environment.

The certified teachers have been collaborating on topics found in the Horizon Report to produce video artifacts. Here is one by Maureen Tumenas and Bill Krakower.
Students participating in the  Flat Classroom® Projects do handshakes at the beginning of projects.  These are typically short introductory texts, audio segments, or video podcasts. Here is a sample of one recently posted handshake by one of Amy Jambor's students:
  Today teacher Yvonne Hicks had her students on the ning en masse, working on their profiles, their handshakes, and posting a response to her.  She asked the students what they hoped to accomplish during this project.  Here are their responses
  The two student responses pictured here discuss the excitement of global collaboration.  Over 400 high school students are introducing themselves in the project's communication spaces this week, using text, audio, and video. Learn more about Flat Classroom® Projects at

Flat Classroom® Project applications are open now for next semester. If you want to see a summary of all projects you can go to or click on the green title of any of the projects below. The red “apply now” will take you to the application and information for each project. 
Each project has weekly teacher meetings, a Google group to aid quick communications and in-classroom teachers who manage the projects. There is a small fee for the projects to cover costs. (If this is a hardship for you, note it on your application form .)
There are many options to collaborate globally and these are just one. Julie and Vicki worked hard on the book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds to help demonstrate and share many projects that can help you meet your standards as you collaborate globally. They strive to be the best global education projects where students and teachers co-create and merge their classrooms in ways that utilize cutting edge technologies and encourage teacherpreneurship and teaching excellence. 

You can find out more about the projects in the book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds or through the links below.

Flat Classroom® Projects starting February 2013.
  • Flat Classroom Project - (13+ but ideal for high school students) Deadline for next project is January 23, 2013 APPLY NOW!
  • Digiteen Project (13+) and DigiTween Project (under 13) - Deadline for next project is February 15, 2013  APPLY NOW! (same application form for both)
  • ‘A Week in the Life…’  -  (up to age 12 - learn about other places from students who live there) Deadline for next project is February 15, 2013 APPLY NOW!
  • NetGenEd  - (13+ but ideal for high school) Project based on the Horizon Report published in January each year - Deadline February 1, 2013 - APPLY NOW!
  • K-2 ’Building Bridges to Tomorrow’ Project - (kindergarten - 2nd grade — ages 3-8 - learn about other places from students who live there)  Deadline for next project is February 15, 2013 - APPLY NOW!
  • Eracism  - (we have 2 brackets - under 13 and over 13 — middle school and high school debate competition brackets) Deadline for next project is February 7, 2013  - Apply Now

All information taken from the Coolcatteacher blog.