Flat Classroom® Project applications are open now for next semester. If you want to see a summary of all projects you can go to http://www.flatclassroomproject.net or click on the green title of any of the projects below. The red “apply now” will take you to the application and information for each project. 
Each project has weekly teacher meetings, a Google group to aid quick communications and in-classroom teachers who manage the projects. There is a small fee for the projects to cover costs. (If this is a hardship for you, note it on your application form .)
There are many options to collaborate globally and these are just one. Julie and Vicki worked hard on the book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds to help demonstrate and share many projects that can help you meet your standards as you collaborate globally. They strive to be the best global education projects where students and teachers co-create and merge their classrooms in ways that utilize cutting edge technologies and encourage teacherpreneurship and teaching excellence. 

You can find out more about the projects in the book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds or through the links below.

Flat Classroom® Projects starting February 2013.
  • Flat Classroom Project - (13+ but ideal for high school students) Deadline for next project is January 23, 2013 APPLY NOW!
  • Digiteen Project (13+) and DigiTween Project (under 13) - Deadline for next project is February 15, 2013  APPLY NOW! (same application form for both)
  • ‘A Week in the Life…’  -  (up to age 12 - learn about other places from students who live there) Deadline for next project is February 15, 2013 APPLY NOW!
  • NetGenEd  - (13+ but ideal for high school) Project based on the Horizon Report published in January each year - Deadline February 1, 2013 - APPLY NOW!
  • K-2 ’Building Bridges to Tomorrow’ Project - (kindergarten - 2nd grade — ages 3-8 - learn about other places from students who live there)  Deadline for next project is February 15, 2013 - APPLY NOW!
  • Eracism  - (we have 2 brackets - under 13 and over 13 — middle school and high school debate competition brackets) Deadline for next project is February 7, 2013  - Apply Now

All information taken from the Coolcatteacher blog.



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